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Find Lasting Relief from Wisdom Teeth Pain

Are wisdom teeth giving you pain and swelling? If you’re fed up with chronic issues from impacted molars, the Swiss Smiles & Implants oral surgery team understands completely. We’ve brought relief to countless patients dealing with similar wisdom tooth woes in the Englewood area. 

At our practice, your needs come first – that’s why we offer same-day consultations and flexible financing for extractions. Our highly skilled surgeons utilize the latest techniques to precisely remove problematic teeth and minimize discomfort. Whether your symptoms are recent or have gone on endlessly, we create customized treatment plans tailored to your situation. Contact us at 303-795-3517 to finally say farewell to wisdom tooth headaches!

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth often attempt to erupt when patients are between their late teens and early 20s. As they try pushing through the gums, these third molars frequently cause painful symptoms if there’s insufficient room in the jaw. Common wisdom tooth issues experienced by Englewood patients include: 

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Cysts
  • damage to nearby teeth
  • crowding

Inflammation and infections may also develop, leading to acute symptoms until the problematic wisdom teeth can be extracted. If you notice any signs of infection like throbbing pain, fever, foul taste, or discharge, contact our Englewood oral surgeons right away for an evaluation.

Reasons for Removal

There are several reasons why our Englewood dental practice may recommend wisdom tooth extraction:

Prevent Future Problems – Proactively removing wisdom teeth before complications develop prevents avoidable pain and surgery later. We may suggest early extraction if the teeth seem to be erupting on an abnormal path.

Relieve Current Symptoms – Extraction provides definitive relief if your wisdom teeth are presently causing issues like pain, swelling, crowding, infections, or cysts.

Make Room – Extracting wisdom teeth alleviates crowding issues and allows enough space for your other teeth to be properly aligned.

Procedure Options at Swiss Smiles & Implants

Our Swiss Smiles & Implants oral surgeons in Englewood, CO, use advanced techniques to provide smooth, minimally invasive wisdom tooth extraction surgeries. We will discuss the options at your consultation and determine whether local anesthesia, IV sedation, or general anesthesia is most appropriate. Common extraction procedures include:

Simple Extraction – The wisdom tooth is easily accessible and can be extracted in our Englewood office, usually under local anesthetic.

Surgical Extraction – When wisdom teeth are impacted, an incision in the gums and the removal of some bone are required for access. IV sedation keeps you comfortable.

Coronectomy – If a wisdom tooth is very close to a nerve, we may opt to remove only the crown portion initially and monitor the roots.


Typical wisdom tooth removal recovery lasts one to two weeks. Our Swiss Smiles & Implants team provides detailed post-op instructions for recovering smoothly, including:

  • Rest with light activity only for the first two to three days
  • Use ice packs on your cheeks to minimize swelling
  • Stick to soft, cool foods until wounds have healed
  • Rinse lightly with warm salt water after 24 hours
  • Take any prescribed medications to manage pain and prevent infection

You can expect decreased swelling and improved healing every day with proper aftercare. Call our Englewood office if symptoms seem severe. We also schedule follow-ups to monitor progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Relief from Lingering Wisdom Tooth Pain

Suffering from wisdom tooth pain day after day is exhausting and frustrating. Something as simple as enjoying a meal becomes nearly impossible when your mouth feels tender and inflamed. But there is hope – the oral surgeons at Swiss Smiles & Implants are dedicated experts at wisdom tooth removal right here in Englewood. 

Whether your pain is severe or lingering, call 303-795-3517 now to schedule a consultation. Our compassionate doctors will evaluate your situation and map out the best treatment plan to provide relief. By promptly removing problematic wisdom teeth, we can prevent further infection damage and safeguard surrounding teeth.

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