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Small Restoration, Big Impact

Your smile is one of your most valuable assets, allowing you to express joy, confidence, and individuality with the world around you. However, when damaged or decayed teeth detract from your smile’s radiance, it can seriously affect your self-esteem and overall well-being. 


If you live in or around Englewood, CO, and struggle with cracked, chipped, or cavity-ridden teeth, know that the compassionate dentists at Swiss Smiles & Implants have your back. Just one call at 303-795-3517 can start you on the journey toward a rejuvenated smile and the renewed positivity that comes with it. 

What are Dental Inlays?

A dental inlay is a solid piece of composite resin or porcelain used to fill a decayed or damaged area within the grooves of a tooth. Inlays are considered an ideal solution for treating cavities or cracks that are too large for a standard filling but not extensive enough to require a full dental crown.

The inlay is fabricated in a dental lab to fit the prepared area of your tooth precisely. During the procedure at Swiss Smiles & Implants in Englewood, CO, your dentist will remove any decayed or damaged tooth structure and shape the area to accommodate the inlay restoration. Impressions are taken of your tooth and used to create a model from which your custom inlay is crafted. When complete, the inlay is cemented in place, restoring the tooth’s function and appearance.

Dental Inlays Candidacy

You may be a candidate for a dental inlay if you have a cavity, crack, or areas of tooth decay that extend below the cusps (top edges) of your tooth. Only teeth that can withstand the bonding process required for inlay placement are eligible. Your dentist at Swiss Smiles & Implants will examine your tooth during an initial consultation to determine if an inlay is the right choice for you.

What are Dental Onlays?

Similar to inlays, dental onlays are fabricated from tooth-colored materials like composite resin or porcelain. However, onlays are more extensive restorations that cover one or more cusps of the affected tooth. They are often called “partial crowns” as they encompass a larger area than inlays while preserving more healthy tooth structure than a full crown would require.

The procedure for placing an onlay is comparable to inlays. After shaping the damaged tooth region, your dentist takes impressions to make customized onlay. The restoration is cemented onto the tooth once completed, sealing any cracks or areas of decay while restoring proper tooth anatomy and chewing function.

Dental Onlays Candidacy

You may need a dental onlay from Swiss Smiles & Implants if you have significant damage, decay, or cracks affecting one or more of your tooth’s cusps. Because onlays are more invasive than inlays, there must be enough healthy tooth structure to support and retain the restoration. Onlays are often recommended as an alternative to full dental crowns when possible, as they allow your dentist to conserve more of your natural tooth.

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Stronger Than Fillings, More Conservative Than Crowns

Don’t let cracked, damaged, or decayed teeth hold you back from the confident, radiant smile you deserve any longer. Whether you live here in Englewood or the nearby areas of Littleton, Centennial, or Highlands Ranch, CO, the dedicated team at Swiss Smiles & Implants has the skill and compassion to restore your smile’s health and beauty. Contact our office at 303-795-3517. 

One call can start you on the path to revitalizing your teeth with durable, natural-looking inlays, onlays, and other state-of-the-art restorations.

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